Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm not one to gush

I'm not the type of girl who gushes about how inspiring or sexy or loving someone is. I'm not the sort who says "Honey, you're such a great husband and you're so supportive and you're so much fun to watch with the kids." Don't misunderstand me, I emote- but not like that. I'm more likely to say "Hon, you're an effing rock star." Or "Thanks for being awesome." or even "Thank you for taking out the trash, that really helped me out."

But I should sometimes sing the praises of my awesome (and in this picture- dead sexy) husband.

My husband works (in an office at a paying job). So when I tell you that if the kids need something in the middle of the night he takes care of it you fully appreciate how amazingly generous that is. Now, if I'm being totally honest I'm completely useless in the middle of the night. I'm not saying that to be unkind, I'm just telling the truth. It takes me at least 5 minutes to get out of bed at any given time. Out of the kindness of his heart (and perhaps slightly also because he's too tired to try and drag me out of bed) he handles 97.5% of the night-time drama-rama.

He's great with the kids. He makes them laugh. He plays with them, teaches them things. He's present, and he hates to miss even the smallest things in their lives. He would come to every single doctors visit if I didn't often talk him out of taking the time away from work. He wants to spend time together as a family whether that means bumming around the house or dragging the kids on a long and arduous day trip- he's in.

He cooks. I'm not talking about boil water and cook spaghetti noodles. He invents marinades out of thin air, makes breads from scratch, reads recipes online and always insists on putting his own spin on the dish. Only recently have I started to reconnect with the kitchen. I like to cook too but I'm not nearly as adventurous or if I am going to try a new dish I'll stick with the recipe.

He indulges me. I need to be indulged. This training to become a yoga teacher is not easy for him. He's very practical about money so although he couldn't see the immediate pay-off he was willing to let me follow this dream. He watches the kids, and doesn't just camp out at the house all day- he runs errands with them, takes them to the park and comes up with great father-sons activities to spend the time while I'm away... being all zen.

He cleans the bathrooms. I started to get out of this task when pregnant with Jack and I got lucky because it stuck! Same goes for taking care of the cats... though if I'm being honest he's been taking care of the feline family members for longer than that.

He's not without his faults fo' sho'. But the good far far far exceeds any perceived 'bad'.

So the next time I say: "Hon, you're an effing rock star." From now on you'll know what I really mean is "I love you more today than all the days before this one."


Gail said...

Congratulations Matt! You not only have a blog devoted entirely to YOU, but it's all about what a great guy you are! So, yaaaayyy Matt! (print and frame?)

Emily said...

Good idea- besides I'm not likely to say it all again for a few years ;-)