Thursday, March 31, 2011

My kids are cuter than your kids

I think we all believe our kids are the cutest. (It's gotta be good for the survival of the species.) But sometimes I look at a picture of my kids and I actually think my kids are the cutest kids ever.
I can't even take it!


Gail said...

Well, OF COURSE, I think they are the cutest ever!

Grace said...

yes pretty darn cute!!!

Avital said...

They sure are cute!

Thanks for the comment on my blog about post-partum visitors...I also had a C-section for my first and a VBAC for my second and felt exactly as you desperate for help after the first and so grateful I could do things after the second.

alba sofia said...

they are SUPER cute! If I wasn't half way around the world, I would be plotting ways to kidnap them (just for a little, and then return them of course)