Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am a Domestic Goddess

There are many things I'm not afraid do do around the house. Basic plumbing repairs, basic electrical wiring, and re-finishing a deck- No Problem! Use my sewing machine- NO WAY!

I have finally conquered my sewing machine fear! Fear is probably not the right word, it just seems like I would have to re-teach myself a bunch of stuff and I was hesitant to try to set it all up only to not be able to get it to work. Then my mother went out of town. Sad but true, I'd ask her to make pillows & curtains for me because I 'couldn't' do it myself. The mom-shaped training wheels got removed and I was forced into readiness!

I wanted to make paper-towel alternatives and I had picked up some great fabric remnants at the store for a steal. So I sliced and diced into different sized pieces- variety is the spice of life!
I did an iron on seam first.
Don't you love crisp edges? They're just so.... neat!
I got the sewing machine out of Jack's closet. The last time I used it was, well... not the intended purpose.

My parents gave me this old sewing table, I was psyched to have a place to work. I love that it's tiny and unassuming but it folds out Transformer-style into this gigantic work space. It's awesome!!
Yes, I watched a you tube video on how to use your sewing machine! Thanks to Leigh-Ann's video I am now a domestic goddess! (As per conquering my big homesteading fear... the sewing machine... ::rawr::.)
My complete works.
Gotta make 'em look pretty!

And now my desk is a desk once more. You'd never know that I'm a sci-fi geek moonlighting as a crafty domestic goddess.
I'll say it once more for good measure DO-MES-TIC GODD-ESS. Oh yeah!

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