Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Day!

Jack is definitely, I think, teething. He's been super fussy and super clingy for 2 weeks and it's been slowly getting worse. He bit my finger this afternoon and I was certain that I would have to go to the hospital to have it re-attached. It turns out I didn't, but WOAH it was painful.

This morning we tried to stay distracted from our 'toother' pain. During morning nap I cleaned all the windows (outside and in) on the main level of the house. After some playing we tried for an afternoon nap. He cried for 45-50 minutes and then fell asleep and slept for 40 minutes. When we woke up I had enough so I decided to go find some fun down the street (which happens often in the afternoons). When I walked out of my door my neighbor, her husband and their daughter (4 years old) were on a walk. The girl was sitting in a wagon and they said: "Put Jack in and come with us." YES! Some time without him hysterical and a social walk is perfect. So I belted him in and their daughter fed him some tiny pieces of animal cracker. She talked to him for the entire 3o minute walk. He sat entranced, it was s cute... I of course did not have my camera. Grr!

Then Susan and Carter came over and Carter showed Jack how to use the puzzle and we read some books together and spelled some words with ABC blocks. I again forgot to use my camera. Double Grr!

This evening there were 3 moms standing outside in the grassy area behind my house. Their kids were running around and having a good time. Jack and I decided to go out and introduce ourselves. We scored a possible play date with an 11 month old boy who lives on the next court!

And tonight I'm going to A Wii Mariokart tournament at the neighbors house!

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