Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Adventures

First we had an adventure in food. We made spring rolls (for the second time). We 'double bagged' the rolls by using two pieces of rice paper instead of one. They held up much better this time! Yummy!

The next morning we went on another walking adventure at Lake Elkhorn. During the walk I said to Matt "Isn't it nice that Jack doesn't seem interested in taking off his socks. It will be easy to keep him warm this winter."
This was what happened on the way home from the walk.


bebe said...

yup, that's the kiss of death...whenever you say something is going to be easy with a baby...they change it up on you! :)

The Crivella Family said...

You need to get a pair of Robeez, they are soft shoe-like shoes that will help keep the socks on. They are also good for beginning walkers because they have soft soles. They have them at a lot of places and even have cheaper ones at Target (different brand). They are about $25 if you get the Robeez brand. They are super cute and come in a ton of designs. They will make sure his tootsies stay warm this winter!