Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Feet

After an 11am trip to play partners at the local library...
We stopped at the mall to buy Jack's first pair of shoes. He's been pulling up a lot and when we're hanging out down the street with the neighbors he wants to stand. I can't let him stand on cold pavement in socks, now can I? I looked at Robeez after recomendations and discussion about them with some mommies, but I really like ones that look like sneakers. Those are of course the most expensive ones so on the way to the store I was walking through Sears towards the elevator... well who was having a shoe sale? Sears! These beauties were just what I had in mind and they were $15.
I would say something about hoping that he doesn't grow out of them too soon, but realistically I know better. But aren't they just too cute?! They also had chucks there... I can't wait till his feet are big enough for those!


The Kento Beans said...

Very cute! Way to sniff out a sale! Those look more like big-boy shoes than Robeez!

bebe said...

we wanna see a pic of him wearing them!!!