Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 x 3

3 things about this pregnancy:

1. It's really 'the same' as Jack in that the movement and the fetal personality (if that's a thing) appear to be pretty similar. I'm also just about the same size as I was at this point last time.

2. It's completely different to Jack because I have not started retaining water (at least not that I've noticed) where at 25 weeks with Jack I was unable to comfortably wear my rings. I'm way more active, and since I have to feed a toddler my 'snack habits' are less Snickers bar and more fruit and cheese.

3. Weeks fly by, where with Jack I knew exactly how pregnant I was each day of each week. This also makes me feel guilty because I'm not "paying as much attention" this time around.

3 things about Christmas:

1. I love the sensory experience of Christmas, seeing decorations, smelling pine and cookies, tasting yummy holiday food, the feel of wrapping paper, and hearing holiday music.

2. I'm excited for the Christmas menu. We finally made some decisions today (I'll post pics later but since some of my readers will be enjoying this feast I'll leave it as a surprise).

3. Gift-Giving makes me super anxious. I like to surprise people but I have major fear that they won't like what I pick out. I also don't have a poker face, so I'm terrified that I'm going to not like something and it will be obvious.

3 favorite places:

1. The Beach. Really, any beach will do, but particularly a warm one with family there too.

2. Europe. History, food, booze. Europe has it all. The Lake District and the Costa del Sol are probably my faves so far. I hope to see more, soonish?

3. My couch with a book in hand.

Ok, I made this one up, but if you're a reader you should do your own 3x3 so I can learn 9 things about you!

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Brenna said...

i have gift giving anxiety too. it'll be fine...i hope.