Friday, December 4, 2009

We're Adjusting

Both the vet and the ASPCA recommend keeping cats in separate quarters with separate food, water and litter for one week before allowing them to check each other out. Yeah, we didn't do that. Monkey was pleasantly curious about the "Tiny Meow" and aside from the occasional growl seemed pretty non-plussed. Well the "Tiny Meow" did not like being locked up and demonstrated as such with constant meowing and throwing himself against the walls and door. Since the cat was kept in the nursery Jack, being right next door, would wake up from naps and bedtime to tell us that the cat was meowing.

So I introduced them early... like only after 24 hours instead of after 5-7 days.
Thankfully, Monkey seems indifferent. She doesn't like to be chased or played with (duh) but despite her propensity towards violence against humans she refuses to put the "Tiny Meow" in his place with a quick lil bitchslap. So he chases her around the house a bit and she tries to talk him into his place ineffectively.

This photo was taken to show scale.

Jack helped Mommy decorate the tree. He actually helped! He would take the ornaments out of the box one at a time and hand them to me, sometimes pointing at where they should go on the tree!


Matt has camera skills.

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Kate said...

Yeah, we don't do that either. When I brought Cassie home she and Ava wouldn't stop playing with each others paws under the door the first night so I just gave in and let her out.