Monday, December 28, 2009


So Jack was a c-section delivery and I have the very lofty goal to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Why? Cause it farkin' hurt and the recovery, well, sucked.

All of my prenatal care has been at "The VBAC place in MD." It's known for being the best place to have the support and care you need to have the best chance at a VBAC. Their success rate is 70%. Apparently, at the birth center, they have herbal drinks, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage and dietary suggestions all to help me go into labor.

Why bring this up now? Well as I enter the 3rd trimester next week (how fast is this pregnancy flying by? SO FAST!!) I have an appointment with the OBs that my midwives coordinate with for their VBAC hopefuls. At some point in the next month or so I'll go meet with the OBs just so I know who they are in the event that I'll need them to perform a c-section.

My c-section is already scheduled. How weird is that? If this little man doesn't choose to make an appearance on his own, his birthday will be April 19th at 11:25am, with an EDD (estimated date of delivery) of April 7, I'm feeling really good about getting those extra 12 days to try to go into labor on my own.

My last birth plan was like a step-by-step of what I wanted and how and when I wanted it. This time my birth 'plan' is: "Don't have a c-section. And oh yeah, these other things would be nice too...." Yes, ideally I'd like to be completely unmedicated, but honestly if they tell me the only way to get the baby out the 'right' way is to drink motor oil, I'll do it. Whatever it takes

I don't want to talk about it too much, so call me on it if I mention it much more, because I don't want to psych myself out, but this VBAC is super important to me.


Kate said...

You know we're pulling for you.

Keeping drinking that raspberry leaf tea (not too much though as I'm pretty sure that's how I wound up in the hospital at 35 weeks) and don't forget to get some evening primrose oil for the last month.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the earlier in April VBAC! (And not just because I have other plans for April 21-23!!) Ha ha! Just don't worry about it too much--breathe in/breathe out. Mom

melaniet42 said...

I feel ya sista! Good luck to you. When we got pregnant in October, I think I was more excited to find out that I was a candidate for VBAC than about the pregnancy itself. Let's hope a miscarriage doesn't change my chances!!!

Emily said...

Mel- I can't imagine a m/c would change your chances... I think* that the VBAC candidate criteria is based on the scar (location, how it healed, etc).

Emily said...

At least I hope you get to try too!!