Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

We have finally named the kitteh. Introducing- Link. It came to us last night during a discussion about the Legend of Zelda.

Jack and I met up with Eric, Emily and Colin at the Silver Spring farmers market. Matt was working this morning so Jack and I went off on an adventure. We stayed down there for lunch because the cotton ball sized snowflakes were a bit intimidating!

The snow was so exciting that Jack couldn't manage a nap. So instead we played in the snow and then enjoyed a nice cup of

"yummy hot cocoa," as Jack calls it.


emk said...

Okay, I was seriously reading a blog just the other day (one of those friend-of-a-friend-of-someone I sorta know things) and they had named their son LINK. It was written above the pic and I was like, "link to what? there's no link here." And then I realized that was his NAME!!

LOVE IT for a cat, though! I fondly remember ye olde Legend of Zelda days!

Emily said...

Matt and I had that same conversation last night! Because technically it fits the rules of "names" but it's so much better suited for a cat!

melaniet42 said...

Great kitty name!! Fun in the snow is always best followed by yummy hot cocoa (or in our case, homemade sugar cookies!).