Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We pushed the naughty button (several times) to see if Jack was naughty or nice. It looked touch and go but in the end it decided Jack was nice.

We mailed our letter to the North Poll. (Complete with Pole-imported snow.)

We waited for Santa.

We sat for Santa. I didn't even try to sit him by himself, I could tell he was getting scared, but by the end of the afternoon of shopping we acknowledged Santa with a small head-nod.

We also enjoyed the pointsettia tree.


emk said...

Toys R Us has a location in the mall? (behind the tree) It has clearly been WAY too long since I've been there! What store went out to leave that empty space?

Glad the Santa visit was a success!!!

Brenna said...

Bun Penney used to have a whole big section there. Sniff! The ToysRUs is TINY, not really worth the trouble to see.

Admit it, Emily2, you're the one who wanted to see Santa, right?

Emily said...

I did! I asked for a shiney new pocket camera. I can't wait to see if he delivers!

Lindsey said...

Looks like fun little Santa area!

melaniet42 said...

Yay for Santa!!! Way to go Jack!!

Em1: That Toys R Us is a seasonal store. It's where Bun Penny used to be for ages, then a children's clothing store, The Pumpkin Patch, was there for a little while. Arundel Mills has a toy store in through January also.

Husband said...

*sigh* Bun Penny, I shall miss you always.