Sunday, December 27, 2009


We went to the National Aquarium on the 26th which was great because it was basically deserted. Maybe it was because most people wanted to play with new toys at home, or maybe because it was raining and you have to walk outside to get there, or maybe it's because all the walkways around the Inner Harbour were flooded (to the point of walking in the grass). Who knows?!
But we had a blast! And it was very nice because it was not super crowded! We enjoyed the Jellyfish.

The Dolphin show.

Some cool tropical-type fish.

The Sharks. (rawr!)

And the chance to see the the fossilized Megalodon jaw. (also rawr!)


Brenna said...

We should make a trip too to see the jellies! Neat!

Emily said...

The Jellyfish exhibit is way cool! You wouldn't regret it!