Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

The harvest moon and the fall equinox signal that it's time for change. Change that you cannot fight (good luck getting the weather to stay summer-hot in November). It signals to me that it's time to start picking apples. I love a good pick-your-own, great for the planet and a great activity for the kiddos. Today we met up with Susan and Emily and their kids.

Sophia, Jack, Henry, Carter and Brooks.
(We miss you, Cady!! Tell your Mommy "Happy Birthday!)

After picking apples we wandered over to check out the broccoli.


Jack got a workout pushing Henry back up the hill. -I love the jump-seat for the Phil & Ted... so many uses... like toddler-height handle.

Here is Henry, sitting like a big-boy! I'm so proud!


Lindsey said...

Bummer I missed out!!! Looks like so much fun. Miss you all!

Kate said...

Henry looks so proud of himself!