Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I feel like George Bailey

"I want to live again; I want to live again!"

I've been annoyed by most parts of the home-selling process but one of the things that bothers me the most is constantly being on hold.

Jack wore cloth diapers, he ate homemade organic baby food, I made stuffed animals, blankets, toys, a mobile for his crib and I painted. I wasn't constantly feeling like Julie Andrews or anything but I felt like I was doing more in my life, for me and for my little guy.

While we've been on the market we've done what's easy, what's clean, what's pre-packaged and I'm tired of it. Last week I made beef curry; my version of a coup isn't exactly revolutionary war or anything but it worked. This week Henry has his sweet baby booty in cloth and I'm making baby food as I type this. Deciding NOT to be on hold makes me channel George Bailey.

I have decided not to be on hold. I have decided to live.

Which brings me to an interesting poll. Would you rather see a movie in its original black and white or in the re-mastered color?


Hedojo said...

Hang in there Emily. Keep on choosing to live your life. You can't hold your breath forever. The whole house selling/buying will happen. So sorry to hear about the bank being a dinglehole. Try to let it roll off your back. (I always hate that advice - "YOU make it roll off YOUR back, jerkwad!") But its good advice, in hindsight. I'll be thinkin' about you.

melaniet42 said...

That's how we felt when we had our house on the market. It was awful. When we didn't get a reasonable bite after six months, we basically said "screw it". It just wasn't worth the sacrifices we were making with no real end in sight. It may mean we wait longer for that "right" house, but in the meantime, we're at least not living around everyone else's schedules.