Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy Thursday

Despite a strong inclination to wear pyjamas and hang out on the couch all day I took Jack to school and ran a few errands before picking him up. When we got home Jack said "We need... comfy pants, Mommy." Yes, we do, Jack. Yes, we do.

While running errands I acquired a booster seat/chair cover for Jack. He's too short to sit in the chair without having a hard time but too much of a big boy for an actual booster. This little seat cushion does the job quite nicely!

We made naan pizza for lunch. Frozen naan + tomato sauce + masala spice blend + cheese = pizza!

Jack played motorcycles.

He insisted that Henry play too.


Lyzii said...

The pizza's a great (and easy!) idea and I love the pictures of your boys :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of rainy day fun--cute as always! Gigi

Brenna said...

yesterday must have been pizza day, 'cause we had it for dinner!