Thursday, September 16, 2010


Jack is a pretty quirky guy. Topping my list of his oddities:

  • when discussing backhoes, et. al. he often calls them "Construction marks."
  • he hates, HATES having his nails clipped.
  • even if you correct him, he'll correct you right back, it's a hiccup truck not a pickup truck.
  • he says "Mommy, you're so pretty." every time I get dressed in anything other than yoga pants.
  • he's a natural in the pool.
  • he has very real opinions about what he wears each day. (loves his dino shirts).
  • he loves, LOVES Cars, Ratatouille and Wall-E
  • he will eat just about anything and is already willing to try taste-bites of new things in exchange for bribes.

Henry is also starting to show some quirks of his own:

  • he could stand in his exersaucer for an hour or more playing with his toys.
  • he's obsessed with his big brother and thinks that just about everything he does is worthy of a deep belly laugh.
  • he's already making 4 distinct sounds by his babbling.
  • he rolls with pure intention.
  • he can tripod, but when he gets distracted (usually by watching Jack) he topples over.
  • he loves to sleep and like his father is REALLY PAINFULLY slow to get moving in the morning, so if you try to get going earlier than he's ready you might as well try swimming up Niagara Falls.
  • he will eat anything, especially Netflix mailing envelopes. (my bad).

The real problem with breastfeeding in public. (Seriously, click on it... it's not what you think...) As shared with me by The Feminist Breeder.

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