Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Camping Trip

We decided to take the kids camping at a local campground. We knew it was going to be in the mid-40's overnight so we tried to plan accordingly.
I decided to wear Henry as much as possible in an attempt to keep him warm.

Jack loved collecting firewood and playing in the tent.

Driving cars on the car.

After all that baby-wearing Henry fell asleep on me so I laid him down in the tent. He woke up pretty soon after that with a runny nose (which marks Henry's first cold).

We cooked dinner, which was some delicious chicken, potato, fennel, onion thing with flat bread. We put Jack to bed in the tent and within a minute of Matt zipping the tent closed we'd hear zzzzzzzzip and see his little blondie head pop out as he called for "Daddy?!" again and again. At about 8:15 he said "Daddy I need to go home and sleep in my bed."

Since Henry was showing no signs of sleepyness and many signs of getting sick we took Jacks request as an opportunity. Put the boys in the car with the heat and radio on. Turned the headlights towards the campsite and packed everything up. And drove home.

It makes me happy that Jack is already asking to go again. A few slight changes to how we prepared (bring small LED lantern night light for the tent, make sure the kids aren't sick...) and we're good to go!

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Brenna said...

glad you had fun...too bad you couldn't make it thru the night. next time jack will be ready!