Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There are quite a few things going on 'round here.
We now have photographic evidence of Henry's teeth. We had a little problem with biting during feedings but, thank goodness, he got over that. That would have been the end of things real quick if he hadn't learned not to bite me.

Last night Jack went to sleep without his paci for the very first time. He only woke up twice and it only required a gentile reminder that he didn't need it. We were shocked and pleased that it was dare I say it, easy?! I'm fully prepared for the possibility that tonight we might have more resistance but it doesn't make me any less proud of my little-big man.

This morning we decided to give him a new toy as a reward when we explained that this was his bye-bye paci toy he said "Yeah, I say 'Bye bye to my paci'" ::glowing with pride::.

Henry is now decidedly mobile. In an attempt to ruin my life teach Henry to crawl, my fool of a husband spent an hour this weekend 'coaching' him. He has managed to pick up the scooting and rocking on his hands and knees skills. This combined with an ever increasing desire to do whatever his big brother Jack is doing has lead to mobile-baby. I'm not saying I blame you, honey, I'm just saying thanks, thanks a lot.

Henry is 7 months old today, but that adorable little milestone photo will just have to come in tomorrow's post.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Henry and Jack on reaching the teeth/giving up pacifier milestones. Congrats to Dad for speeding up the mobile baby milestone (grrrrrr!) Dads--they're just soooo cute! Gigi

melaniet42 said...

Wonderful news about the paci! I have no idea how on earth we will get rid of Jillian's. I'm so pleased with her potty training success, I don't want to push it. I'm thinking about hyping it up after Christmas and making it a "turning 3" thing to get rid of it.