Monday, November 1, 2010


Mommy: No, Jack it's Halloween. Letter 'H'. H-H-Halloween.

Jack: Yeah, Mommy. Caween. I'm a firefighter. Lets go outside.

Mommy: Jack? Did you say Trick-or-Treat?

Jack: Yeah. I say 'Trick-or-Treat'. Now I say 'thank you'.
I need to go to this house. I need to knock it.

Mommy: Okay, Jack.

We have raised one Halloween expert. (Not hard to do, all kids love candy.)

Jack and I worked the neighborhood while Daddy put Henry to sleep. When we got home Jack helped me hand out candy to a few more kids. Jack asked me about Henry's candy basket (I picked up some coordinating Trick-or-Treat baskets). I explained that Henry's basket didn't have candy in it because he didn't go knocking on doors with us. Jack found this to be highly disturbing so he took two pieces of candy from the bowl and put them in Henry's basket. "Henry needs two."

Sure he does.


Kate said...

Since Liam is still really too little for candy we tried to do tick-or-treat for Unicef (so he could go out with his cousins) but apparently no one does that anymore. People really wanted to give Liam candy though and since he insisted on eating the candy right away we stopped after three houses :).

Lauren said...

That's so sweet he wanted to share!

melaniet42 said...

How sweet! I feel lame...I totally didn't take any trick or treating pictures of the kids. Oops.