Friday, November 12, 2010

Playing Hookie

The Husband played hookie took vacation time today and we went on an adventure to DC to play tourist. We rode the metro, which Jack affectionately calls 'the train', down to the Smithsonian. When we walked into the lobby we asked Jack what he wanted to see first Lions (Mammal exhibit) the Whale (Ocean Exhibit) or the Dinosaurs. Do you really wonder which he chose? Nope. No contest.

Half the time he was like a little tour guide- identifying species (often correctly) with loud exclamations like "Look, Mommy, a Triceratops!!" Or telling me that herbivores eat leaves. The rest of the time he was a sponge. "Mommy, what's this?" He needed nearly each exhibit on the entire first floor explained to him in detail.

We saw the dinos and then checked out the mammals and the ocean before asking him if he wanted to see rocks and minerals (on the second floor). He responded with a resounding "Yes!!" There are a few gigantic 'please touch' samples in the exhibit which we all enjoyed. This is Jack and Henry with the barrel-sized Beryl.

After the rocks we ate lunch down in the museum's cafeteria. For the last 5 years we've gone to DC once each fall and for the last 4 years it's been unbearably crowded, like wait for a seat holding your tray, crowded. Well, finally we got wise and went on a regular work day instead of a federal holiday. Dur!
Then we made our way over to the spaceships and airplanes, better known as the Air and Space museum. We toured the Skylab back up module, saw the planet exhibit, and checked out the "How things fly" kid's section.

Again Jack was half tour guide, half sponge. We learned about Jupiter's big red spot which I explained was a huge thunderstorm. It seemed like an age-appropriate explanation.
When we got home? Root beer floats!

Aaaaand... early to bed for me tonight.

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emk said...

What a fabulous day! Good for you guys!