Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sesame Place

Saturday we took a day trip to Sesame Place and we had a blast!

First I have some general park tips and then I have some family pics to share, so if you want the pics just skip ahead.

Here are some park tips I picked up:

  • No shoes, no ride. This seems obvious, but when I saw a man wearing a 4 month old in an Ergo get yelled at by a 16 year old ride operator for trying to bring the baby on the ride I realized they were taking that rule VERY literally. What 4 month old wears shoes?!

  • Height requirements- Most rides require you to be 36 inches tall (like the roller coaster and many of the water slides) Henry who is not nearly 3 feet tall had a blast too, and since he's not one for thrills he didn't mind. But if you have a daredevil who isn't 3 feet tall, I'd wait till they grow a bit before bringing them (because the park personnel take the rules very literally).

  • Bring a bag that is small enough to put in a locker (2ftx1ft) or bring a wet-bag so you can keep your valuables with you in the water park. I was so nervous every time we parked the stroller that it was hard for me to have fun. But worrying is what I do best...

  • Using that waterproof sling for Henry was great because he spent much of the water park time standing with his arms over his head begging to be held or actually in some one's arms. Using the sling saved my back and kept both hands free to take pics and occasionally help Jack.

  • When you enter the park to the left underneath the big Rubber Ducky raft slide there is a small shallow pool. There are benches and picnic tables and a little train hand car ride. It's shaded. It's the perfect place to make camp or take a little break. Also a great place to breastfeed, there were lots of moms that chose that spot, it was kinda funny that it was this unspoken rule.

That's enough tips, now it's time for the pics! Henry loved the Big Bird Balloon Race.
Splash park. Big hit for Jack!

Henry, not so much.

Despite some body language to the contrary, Jack LOVED this slide, and went again and again. He just barely met the height requirement (My fave part about this is I was able to go first, then tell the lifeguard at the bottom he needed to be caught and the lifeguard would fish him out. I saw another family, otherwise I wouldn't think he could have safely done this one at all!

Henry could give a hoot about Elmo. His loyalty lies with Cookie.

They loved it!

And that roller coaster? Jack rode it 3 times and then wanted to ride again and again but we bribed him with dinner at Macaroni Grill instead. I love that there were so many restaurants right outside the park because another chicken finger or cheese 'pizza' option would have made my head explode!


The Crivella Family said...

Love the shirts!

Emily said...

I thought you'd like that!! I was trying to decide what to put them in and then I was like Duh!!! I still wish I had seen S's party, the favors were awesome, I bet the decorations were too!!

Gail said...

Looks like a great time was had by ALL!