Friday, March 6, 2009

Mommy of the Year

We had an exciting day. The morning started when Miss Linda came over to play. She brought some toys and we read some books and sang some songs. She brought a 'shape sorter' type toy and Jack sat with her and learned how to use it! I'm so excited for him! Learning the actual intended use of a toy is kind of a big deal at this age. Apparently when he put together this tube toy she brought it was also a 'wow' moment because it's hard for kids to realize they can do that especially because we weren't demonstrating it. We also learned how to sing the wheels on the bus (video below).

This afternoon I nominated myself for mommy of the year when I locked Jack in the car in the parking lot of the 5 Below. There I was closing the front door (the back door was open) and the back door started to fall closed. It didn't click in my head that I had already locked the car as the door slowly closed I only realized after I heard the "Click" of the latch. "Oh, Sh*t!" The door wasn't closed all the way so I shoved my fingers in the crack and pulled with all my might. No luck. I looked around the parking lot, no one was coming in or out of the store. Jack sat there laughing at me. I'm thinking to myself "Do not panic! If you freak out he's going to totally lose it." Seconds later up pulls a pair of women with their own little ones in the back. They didn't have cell phones so they stood by the car (as though it was going anywhere) so I could go in the store and call Matt. I knew if I called the police they would be there sooner but I knew I was more likely to get all emotional if I had to explain to a stranger what was happening.

Matt picked up and I said "I'm in the parking lot of the 5 Below and I locked Jack in the car, you have to come bring me the keys."

Matt "Seriously?"

Me "Seriously!"

Matt "Ok, there are a few things I have to do here and then I can leave." Seriously, your son is baking in a car, what on earth do you have to do today... it's SSA not NSA... no one is going to die.

Me "It's hot outside, if you can't leave now I have to call the police."

Matt "I'll be there." So I go outside and wait. The mommies that were helping me go into the store and I start thinking of ways to keep him entertained. He just keeps looking at me like "Entertain me already." So I do "Where is thumbkin" 4 times, "5 little speckled frogs" 3 times "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" a dozen or so times, and sporadically explain to passers by that yes, I have in fact, locked my baby in the car and yes, my husband is coming. I keep checking to see if the back of his neck or his hairline is starting to look sweaty... Nope. He looks happy, amused my mommy's forgetfulness. Glad I can entertain him.

Matt arrives (total baby-locked-in-car time: 30 min) and as I'm unlocking the door with his keys my hands start to shake a little. Get a grip. I get him out of the car seat, get control of myself and reach for his sippy filled with apple juice (still cold). Jack is very excited, to see Daddy. So we all go into the 5 Below to do our shopping and not 5 minutes later up pulls a fire truck and out hops 3 guys. Just shopping at the store, not trying to report me to social services. How great is that? If Matt didn't get there when he did 3 heroes would have showed up anyway... hilarious!

Here is the video, it's not at a great angle, because I wasn't directing, but you get the idea.

To translate "Round, Round, Round..... Round, Round, Round."

So my PSA for the day is put your keys in your pocket as soon as you take them out of the ignition. It's a lot easier to lock a purse or diaper bag in the car than it is to lock your pants in the car!


Carlson Family said...

OMG - you poor thing!!! It could've happened to any of us. Thanks for enduring that one so we could all learn a valuable lesson!

melaniet42 said...

A long time friend of my mother's did that with her first-born and I got an email from her with the story either while I was pregnant or just after Jillian was born. I've been super careful with her story in mind. But I have locked us out of the house and car several times (luckily, the neighbors have a spare key). I'm glad you and Jack made it through ok!!!

The Kento Beans said...

Is Miss Linda from the organization that Brenna talked about a long time ago? I can't remember the details but something about people coming to do developmental stuff with kids? Sounds like a great thing! And your diligent singing and playing more than make up for your slight confusion with doors and locks!

Emily said...

Linda is my mom's friend from church when she was growing up. Her son and I are the same age and her daughter and my brother are close in age too. We all grew up together, she's like mom#2 to me. She works for Montgomery County doing in-home visits for young kids with disabilities; she says she loves to come see Jack because it keeps her grounded to play with a 'normal' baby.

Brenna said...

Yikes!! What a terrible thing! At least the firemen were on their way to save you just in case.


The program is called Parents As Teachers...I think they do it by county...and they do home visits for normal kids and talk about developmental stuff.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, what happens if you do lock your pants in the car with your keys in the pocket? That is going to be an awfully akward wait for AAA or a locksmith to show up to let you in to your car.

By the way I love how as soon as you unlocked your car with my keys you immediately threw the keys on the front seat of the car. This after just locking your own keys in the car! :-D