Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today Brenna (the crafty one) taught us how to cut freezer paper and make stencils for t-shirts.
Jack had a wardrobe malfunction which was caused by leakin through his diaper, which has not happened since the 6 month mark. He was a little under-dressed for play group today.

This is half of Jack's finished shirt. (The other half isn't finished yet.)

My other on-going project right now is our deck. First, who paints a deck orange? It's disgusting (I'm sorry if you're offended because you have an orange deck). Second the 'sunburst' is a little over kill people. Third, I'm trying to do this project all by myself - this should be interesting.


The Kento Beans said...

Jackzilla turned out GREAT!!! Nice job!

Brenna said...

Jackzilla did turn out great...and...i don't envy your deck renovations....eeeee!

The Crivella Family said...

I HATE deck projects (next time I am hiring someone to tend to ours!) What is this Flanagan Progeny blog on your list, it intrigues me and I always click on it but nothing is there. Just being nosy!

Emily said...

It's for Kate (of Field and Kate) but she's not blogging yet; she's waiting until Liam is born.