Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow, Sick, Swim

Monday: Snow Jack was ready for the snow! (If you're thinking than shovel is baby-sized, I think you're right! Oy, my aching back!)

I didn't let the snow keep me from my acupuncture! The government didn't let a little snow keep their employees away from work either. So I took Jack to Cady's to play while mommy got needles stuck in her face (to relieve sinus pressure).

Here they are in the kitchen.

Here's Jack playing house.

Here they are wishing they could hit the slopes!

Tuesday: Siiiiiiick
My sinus pressure turned into a full on head cold. No photos today.

Wednesday: Swim This morning Jack helped me read the paper by ripping the Food section of the post in half (too bad because it has an article about beer...)

After swim class we went to Starbucks (4 doors down) from swim school with some of our new swimming friends Katie and her son Colin. They're not pictured because I forgot to ask if I could post a photo of them but then when I got home and saw the photo of Colin I realised it wasn't the cutest picture and since he's such a handsome guy I didn't want to misrepresent him.

Thanks goodness for acupuncture because I feel sooooo much better than yesterday! Too bad I missed out on the fun at Emily's. There's always next time!


The Kento Beans said...

I'm not sure that your events, as they are presented, are a glowing endorsement of acupuncture! :-) Hope you're feeling better today! And good for you for making friends!

Brenna said... lost me at starbucks....mmmmmm