Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playin' around

Today we went to Meadowbrook Park. It's a HUGE park and there is no mulch (YAY!) instead it has rubber on the ground under the play area (like the rubber of a HS track). There were lots of kids playing, based on the time of day I'm guessing they were probably pre-K aged. You know I'm not one to shy away from complaining when big kids make it hard for the little ones to play and explore. It never occurred to me that there would be big kids there too (duh!) but they all seemed to be fine sharing the playground with our pint-sized monsters.

Jillian, Jack, Brooks and Jocelyn (who is now walking while holding mommy's fingers!) were all there. Jack got comfortable with the big play ground pretty quick. The playground has a large ramp that goes from level to level and from area to area so Jack started at the bottom and made his way to the top. He didn't show interest in the 'fire poles' or other toddler un-friendly apparati; thank goodness because some areas were 8ish feet off the ground.

He did however immediately take to the slides. He would walk over to them and then sit down and crawl backwards till he slid down them. One slide he decided to crawl face first down which lead to me grabbing his ankle and bracing myself to slowly lower us down this crazy steep slide. We got far enough down that I let go and he slid safely to the bottom. When I tried to adjust myself I lost my grip, slid down, collided with him and clumsily scooped him up so I didn't actually land on the ground on top of him as we both fell off the end of the slide. We flopped to the ground facing the sky and both immediately started laughing.

It's times like this that I think, yep, he's the perfect kid for me because I can throw him down a slide and onto the ground and he thinks it's funny.

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Brenna said...

thanks for the giggle...i can totally picture you falling down the slide.