Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Aftermath

We're estimating 36" or maybe a bit more.

Finally we're dug out.

The neighborhood maze.

Out of eggs? No problem I'll just hop in my car..........

And then it stopped.

And did this.

And this.


emk said...

Wow! Our "official" snow measurement system said "only" 26 inches, although clearly there are some serious drifts around our cars, etc, that are higher. It is SO much snow!

Emily said...

yeah, i wonder how much is blown around because we had 24 inches at 8:30 (and we had already shoveled the deck after 5 inches had fallen once).

and when matt was shoveling the walk (furthest from the house) he was crotch-deep. he nearly froze his balls off.

Brenna said...

i think my favorite part is the snow channels for walking.

we got about 28" after measuring in a few different places.