Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Confluence

Today's blog is a random grouping of things.

First Jack demonstrated the aftermath of a night of partying.

Then we went to LLBean. God, I love that store. Seriously, I have a problem. It's a good thing I'm pregnant because I'm not tempted to buy the clothes right now (shoes are not so lucky). On the way home we accidentally ended up at TJs. Finally, on the way home, for real, we saw some houses with massive icicles on them so we stopped a few times and hung the camera out the window. People probably thought we were casing the neighborhood. The school right by my house had more icicles and larger icicles than I thought possible to be found on one building. It's kinda more wall-o-ice than icicle.

I claimed to be working on my to-do list and here is proof:
Blanket for baby.

Draft-stopper for the sliders (one for upstairs and one for downstairs).

I also painted one of these for the baby. Where Jack's is shades of blue the baby's is shades of green.

3 crafts down 2 to go.

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melaniet42 said...

I'm totally impressed with your to-do list accomplishments. I have been a major lazy bones around here...