Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I love the Internet.

Do you? Do you have an internet 'problem'?

Okay, seriously though... if you're shamelessly addicted to the internet, like me, what blogs, forums, websites, social network sites, online shopping pages, (don't lie!) are you MOST addicted to? I'm looking to enhance my 'Favorites' tab with a few additional sites in an attempt to remain busy during the next phase of the Snowpocalypse.

Also, what's your favorite thing to 'do' online?
See the quiz... but this time you can only choose ONE!


melaniet42 said...

I think my internet problem used to be bigger than it is. I used to love browsing sites to find the most awesomest things ever! With our current budget crunch however, it has significantly diminished the excitement that this former hobby used to produce. I could, given enough spare cash, totally get addicted to Etsy stores.

emk said...

I spend a lot of time online but it's a steady stream of lots of quick-visits rather than hours at a time. That's gotta be healthier, right?! ;-) Okay...maybe not.

I just love keeping in touch with people from all different stages in my life, so email/FB/blogs are the ways for me to stay connected!