Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

Aside from Jack's usual attempts to put the cats in time out or tell us stories about running and bonking 3 gems from this morning were:

Matt is trying to get Jack to eat his breakfast but Jack wants to read the magazine with Matt so he keeps standing up in his chair to try and see what Matt is looking at. Matt says, "Jack you need to sit down." Jack says "I can't sit down."

Second I'm wearing my stylish and attractive maternity support belt (because apparently it helps when your pelvis feels like it's going to break in half). I'm wearing it over my also very stylish pyjamas. Jack walks up to me and points to my stunningly attractive maternity belt and says "Mommy's pretty."

Finally several things 'went missing' or really simply were not in Jack's sight line precisely when he wanted them to be there so we heard the following: "Kitty cat, where are you?" "Sook (his frog he sleeps with), where are you?" "Paci, where are you?"

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