Thursday, February 18, 2010

Backseat Driver

Jack's favorite thing to do in the car, lately, is to be a backseat driver. Every time we reach an intersection he tells me "this way" or "that way". At first it was really confusing, because I kept wondering if he knew something I didn't. Then it was really cute. Now it's kinda annoying because he is starting to get PISSED when I don't go the way he wants me to go.

I'm your mother not your chauffeur, buddy.
Still, it is pretty funny. He clearly gets this from me, because I'm constantly making helpful suggestions directional demands when Matt is driving.


melaniet42 said...

That's funny! Jillian on the other hand, says things while I'm driving like "MOVE" and "GO". Wonder where she hears stuff like that?!?

The Crivella Family said...

Looks like we might be ready to move out of that carseat!

Emily said...

Suz- now that you point that out... he does look awfully big in it... he's only 35.5 inches tho... do you remember the limit?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Jack will be better about knowing which way is left and which way is right???? ha ha Gigi