Monday, May 17, 2010

Another reason to buy organic.

I saw this. Aside from the eco-friendly-ness of going organic (or better yet organic and local) organic phosphates might be 'to blame for ADHD.'

Now, I'm always a skeptic about these sort of news stories because one could argue that families that ear fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to have involved parents who would advocate for their kids, and thus get them testes whet something like ADHD is suspected. Who knows... but it's pretty clear to me:

Produce rinsed and scrubbed is safer, organic produce is safest.

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Anonymous said...

Did you read the Post article about the e coli in prewashed and cut up lettuce bags. So much for taking THAT shortcut anymore! I've been trying to soak my fruits and veggies in water with 1 T vinegar and a dash of salt to kill bacteria and hopefully wash off pesticides before I put them in the refrigerator. Gigi