Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farm Fresh

Here are the goods from last weekends Farmers Market.

Also, I know I said I was going veggie, I think for now I'm going to go "If I've met the guy who raised the animal and he knows the guy who 'prepared it' and it tastes DELICIOUS then we're cool." I picked up some bison at the market the weekend before and it was ah-mazing, so since I feel really comfortable with this meat and this vendor, I'm going to go for it.


emk said...

I've heard great things about bison/buffalo, esp. nutritionally. That looks like such a wee package, though-- that's one burger for Big Seth! ;-)

Emily said...

the package does look small, i'm not sure how matt made 4 burgers with the one from last week.

emk said...

maybe they're shrinking the packages each week! it's ye olde bait and switch (er, shrink)!

Husband said...

It feels like the 16oz that it claims, to me. 3 bit over 1/4lb burgers and a wee one for the wee one is how I managed.

Bison/buffalo is great, but you have to keep in mind that it cooks a bit drier than beef, especially when grilling. Mix a slice of bread turned to bread crumbs and a tsp or two of milk in with the ground bison and you are good.

Tastier to me than beef.