Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tomorrow *updated*

Tomorrow must be better than today, right? Everything started out right, we had a fun morning playdate. Henry was awake from 7:30 till about, oh... 5 minutes ago. Jack is in his room tearing the place apart. I have had to run up there to sing a song, get water, play 'where'd puppy dog go?' Finally I explained to him that he doesn't want me to come back because my blood is just boiling right now.

I'm not just a mommy, I'm a human being! I need to eat and at the very least pee too, people. Which means I need at least 5 minutes here and there in order to keep producing milk for the baby and keep calm and collected enough that I don't kill (not really) my toddler. But seriously, can't a girl catch a break?!?!

Dear Universe,
Tomorrow please give me two kids who will sleep at the same time for at least an hour and, if it's not too much to ask, will act like humans and not demon spawn while they're awake.

Dear Universe,
Thank you for the 1.5 hours (and counting) I've had to myself today. I had time to watch the Real World Road Rules Fresh Meat Challenge and watch some other pointless, mindless TV. I have enough mental/emotional energy to take Jack out on to the deck to play with his playdoh this afternoon. I very much appreciate the me-time today! Please send more in the future, if you don't mind!


melaniet42 said...

Those are the kind of days I'm NOT looking forward to. Hope tomorrow is a better one!!!

Emily said...

really though, yesterday and today have been the first 2 days I've felt like that- which is pretty good, I think.