Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo!

Now that we have the ABC song down we clearly need to branch out and learn what the actual letters are, right? We used these stickers today and had fun arranging them together and then he carried it around the house pointing at the letters and pictures and singing his ABCs. Pretty cool little activity off-the-cuff, if I do say so myself!

Best. Soap. Ever. We have a great dislike for 'smelly' detergents, when we had to make the switch to scent free when Jack was born it seemed really hard not to find scented stuff completely overwhelming- in the bad way. This soap actually says on the back "If you want flowers go pick some." Hilarious! We've been using it for about a year and a half and love it. This time I decided to branch out and get the 'all purpose cleaner' and it says "Cleans everything from false teeth to diesel engines." Awesome.

The best part? Aside from being COMPLETELY eco-friendly (unless you want to wash your clothes on a rock down by the river) each bag lasts 80 loads and cost $11.50!

Then I made myself a margarita. It is Cinco de Mayo, after all!

Also- please vote on my poll and tell me if you could be anywhere but here, where would you be?


Gail said...

I love Charlie's Soap--thanks for introducting me to it, Em. And, I voted for the beach, but wait, I AM THERE!! :-)

Emily said...

Rubbing it in?!