Thursday, May 27, 2010

My kids are weirder than your kids

My toddler makes choo-choo-trains out of everything. Everything. It's very cute, but often leads to a whole lot of Mommy cleaning up after these little creative endeavors.

My poor sweet baby suffers from the strangest looking androgenic alopecia male pattern baldness. In cuter news he grabbed my finger, purposefully, and put it in his mouth today. It took him about 5 minutes. He had the cutest, determined look on his face while he was trying it. And just to practice his new skill he did it a few more times before before bed last night.


emk said...

I am fascinated by how different children are since B has NEVER even attempted to make a train. I think Jack is going to be an engineer! And that hair pattern is hysterical!

Emily said...

I agree, kids are so different, even when they're developmentally at the same point they're so different. It's quite amusing.