Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I went back to my first post-baby yoga class. It felt good! So... so... good.

I kept up just fine but I noticed some interesting things. See, with yoga, I've become more attune to my body. The two poses that I felt the best in/ was the most aligned in were the two poses that I felt the best in for my entire pregnancy (and both I did during that class where I went into labor). Half moon pose and pigeon pose were my happy poses of the day.

While in utero Henry liked to hang out on my right side. I didn't think that this would have any impact on anything but even the simplest of poses were really intense. (Like marathon running, muscle burning, intense.) Anything requiring strength and balance on my right required more mental and physical energy than when I was using my left. (The discomfort was almost exclusively in my hip.)

The body is a strange thing. Before I always thought things like 'muscle memory' was really my brain's memory of how to control my muscles to perform some specific task, but this was totally different. My body remembered that there was more stress and pressure on the right side and despite my best efforts, behaved accordingly.

Clearly more yoga is required. What's a girl to do?

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