Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I play games with my kids... and sometimes my kids play games with me.

When we go outside Jack says "What's that sounds, Mommy."
And I'm supposed to say "I don't know, Jack, what is that sound?"
Jack says "It's the cicadas, Mommy. They are in the trees!"

When we're inside Jack comes running up from playing in the basement and he says "I'm scared de dark, Mommy!"
Which is my cue to say "Why are you scared of the dark, Jack."
Then Jack gets animated and his eyes light up and his hands start jesturing "There's crabs in the dark, dey go pinch pinch." Pinching his claw-hands.
"There aren't crabs in the house, only at the beach! They're scared of you!"
"No way, Mommy. So silly!"

Henry plays a few games of his own:
  • rolling as soon as no one is near the video camera (or the card is full).
  • pulling my hand (holding the spoon full of food) towards his mouth with both hands and both feet. Because two hands aren't enough.
  • blowing raspberries.
  • doing sit-ups. A skills that makes most of his swing and bouncy seats totally unsafe. Bummer.

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