Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Henry's Stats... and a rant

As Big-Brother-Jack would say "He's HUGE." And it's true. Henry is 26.5 inches long and 16lbs 12oz (which btw is only 85th percentile- for real I want to meet the last 15 percent, because I refuse to believe that kiddos come much larger than what I got). So from now on when I say things like "Hank the Tank" and "Oy! My aching back!" you all will believe me.

At 4 months Jack was not exactly the same size...

On a slightly related note I saw a different doctor in the practice from our normal guy because he's enjoying a vacay. We do delayed immunization with the boys, partially because I think 4 shots all at once for little babies is just mean, partially because it's an awful lot for their little immune systems to handle at once and partially because I'm paranoid about autism (I know those studies were de-bunked) but I'm a mom therefore I worry.

So this other doctor is like "You know it's completely inadvisable to the health of your baby to delay immunization, right?" (I'm no rookie mom, and my personality type which I'd call outspoken b*tch is not one to be intimidated)

So I say, "Yeah, I know."

He's like "Um, okay, good. I need you to bring any articles you've read that suggest this method."

Me "Okay." Thinking: Whatever, buddy, our regular doc doesn't think I'm dangling by baby over a proverbial balcony.

And now this is me stepping on my soapbox.

I get it. I'm not a normal parent in the sense that we use cloth, we tummy sleep, we delay immunizations. But I don't understand how a pediatrician who deals with all types of parents (it's a diverse area) can be so intolerant. Parenting is hard, we don't need discouragement and judgment we need encouragement. What makes this even more bizarre is he knew Henry is a tummy sleeper.... which is way riskier in my mind than his chances of, say, catching Hepatitis. I guess I just expect more support out of my health care professional.


Hattie Engel said...

tell him to read Dr. Sears book on vaccinations..goes through how they are made shot by shot and gives the risks and benefits. You have done your research and are educated. Bravo to you!

My kiddos are in the 90th 11 weeks Wyatt is 15 pounds!

Husband said...

Okay here we go. Print this

Sure a rather limited case, but the CDC is recommending breaking up the MMR and Chickenpox vaccines because of the increased risk of Febrile siezure. It doesn't state what the increased risk of other side effects is.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say if there is a chance of a side effect with anything, the more things you add in the greater your risk is for a side effect...and likely it isn't 1+1+1=3, probably more like 1+1+1=4 or so most things seem to go.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I LOVE the picture! Gigi

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

don't even get me started! I have dealt with such a-holes who parade as health care professionals in my experience (in mexico) Gets me so peeved!!!!
Just do what you feel is right.

Emily said...

Grace, I just read your c-section story (as much as you told of it)- I'm the same way- it's not a story I want to relive or rethink.

Just last night the Husband and I were discussing how it seems that doctors just HATE patients who want to actively participate in their own healthcare. Which is both maddening and a real shame.

I could go on for hours... GRR!

melaniet42 said...

I hear ya! Seriously, good thing that doc isn't your regular doc, because if I were you I'd likely be shopping pediatricians again. Most doctors are merely part of the broken healthcare system and it's a shame. And I don't think it can be fixed. Which is the bigger shame...