Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch Date

Cady came to play while her parents supervised the packing of their house or as Cady puts it: "the box was packed for Carolina". I'm impressed that her parents have fit everything into only one box... They slipped into traditional gender roles right away. Try as I might to get them to switch Jack insisted on fixing the car.
While Cady demonstrated her culinary skills with dishes like "bananas and cheese" and "orange juice peppers".

Which inspired me to whip up actual lunch. We ate outside on the deck so instead of make more than one trip I used my brain (which was thankfully plugged-in that day) and grabbed the serving tray.

At first things started out fine. Then there was an unfortunate "Cheers" incident where in Jack spilled his milk all over his side of the table. Being the little usurper problem solver that he is...

He just moved on over to Cady's side. Which lead to a terretorial dispute. But they were able to negotiate and eventually were able to make it work.
Jack sure is going to miss his Cady.

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