Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In the middle of the living room in the middle of the afternoon.

Durin dinner in the dining room.
I believe right before we took this Jack said "It needs light, in the cookies." Which is not something he gets and I don't... it's sleep-babble. Hilarious and adorable.


Anonymous said...

Henry just proves when you're tired, you can sleep anywhere! Jack reminds me of the sleep babble your Dad would say when he was trying to read to you at bedtime but HE was falling asleep. I remember once you came in and said "Daddy is talking nonsense!" Sure enough, he was asleep on your bed! Like Papa, like grandson! Gigi

Husband said...

Maybe it runs in boys? I remember a number of times as a teenager I'd babble when I was 3/4ths asleep reading a book and my mom would come in and tell me to turn out the light and go to bed.

I think I still do that sometimes to Jack when I fall alseep putting him to bed :(

Anonymous said...

Aha! Like Papa, like Daddy, like son! (I'm sure I never do that!) ;-) Gigi