Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Birthday Countdown begins!

I got an Olympus E-PL1 for my 30th Birthday. Lucky for me my husband wants to be sure it's on time for May 25th! Today the doorbell rang and the nice man from UPS handed me a package. So purely in the interest of being a careful consumer ;-) I spent an hour or two playing with it. You know, just to be sure!

I tested out some of the settings like this one called 'pin hole'. And this one 'soft focus'.

And this one 'pop art'.

The kids were willing to pose.

And pose.


We got a lens adapter so all of my husband's fancy lenses will work on my (not film) camera.

In vaguely related birthday news I'm thinkin about doing a little giveaway for my birthday week to try and get some people to come out of the woodwork. I'm thinking about making a criteria to enter becoming an official follower. Fair? Not fair? I know there are probably people getting updates using RSS, but it would be ever so lovely if I knew you were reading me. (Obviously, any giveaway I do is totally funded by me or items made be me... or both.... hmmmm...) What do you think?


emk said...

Have fun with your new prezzie!

As for a giveaway, everyone likes free stuff! I actually am anti-becoming a "follower" of any blog, but that would just give the other readers more of a chance anyway! ;-)

Emily said...

there you go, being difficult.