Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can I tell you something

So remember when I got those 'cloth for mom' pads. I have to tell you, they are ah-mazing! I've been cloth diapering the kids from the beginning. I've been aware of (and totally not interested in) cloth pads... I mean, they call it "on the rag" for a reason. I was never interested.

I finally decided to take the plunge for three reasons 1. I found a product that sounded like it was right for me and for a price I felt was fair. 2. I was tired of needing to run out and buy 'feminine products' for myself every month, and I was tired of always running out at the WRONG time. 3. I read about a mom who noticed she had an, um, embarrassing reaction to the chemicals in a certain brand of pads and I thought 'that sounds kinda familiar'.

Seriously, it's not gross. Really, it's not. We (unless you're my husband, father or brother... sorry guys) have all had to rinse out underwear or sheets or even our fave pair of jeans because of ::ahem:: blood. This is no different. A little rinse and then toss them in the laundry with everything else. My period is LIGHTER now... apparently the going theory is that the chemicals in tampons and pads draw out the tissue and actually cause women t bleed harder & longer. I have less cramps... same theory, because chemicals are evil (or something.)

I'm totally converted. I went from "I already cloth diaper, what more do you people want from me?!?!" to "Oh my fluffy decadence how have I not tried this before?!?!"

So I tried to refrain from tagginf this as "cloth diapering" but, to be honest it kinda fits.


Brenna said...

I have been curious about the diva cup, but haven't investigated it yet. I wonder if the cloth pads are cooler. I find the store pads to be really hot!

Glad you like your latest purchase!

Emily said...

I agree. I feel like cloth are less hot.