Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Well, that's awkward.

One morning after breakfast was finished I was cleaning up the dishes (and drinking some kombucha). The boys climbed up the stairs Jack was talking about space ships and Henry was happy just to be included.

I hear Jack running from room to room and I hear Henry crawling at warp speed (walk, already, would ya?). Then a few minutes pass. I've cleaned up the kitchen and finished my kombucha. I listen to see what they're doing.


I remember the last time there was silence. ::eye twitch::

Well, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... Mommy's an idiot. I run upstairs and find Jack and Henry giggling in my bedroom with 'the grown-up-and-married-adult drawer' open and the massage oils lying on the floor. Jack says to me "I put this one (lavender massage oil) on Henry's legs. They were dirty and I cleaned them."


The good news is none got on the rug, floors, walls or curtains. So there's that.


Kristin from our growing garden said...


Kate said...

At least they're way too little to understand anything.

We have to keep the door to our bedroom locked because Liam loves to go into the bathroom and play with all the little bottles of stuff (he especially loves the perfume bottles). He's never gotten into anything "compromising" though.

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Laura found the adult-and-married-stash the other day and was chewing on the open end of some oil. YEEPS!

melaniet42 said...

We SO just talked about that over the weekend, didn't we? I hope we didn't jinx it...LOL!!!

Emily said...

We might have jinxed it.