Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today, my friends, is an auspicious day. It is known in the pregnancy forums as my 35/35. I am 35 weeks pregnant, with 35 days to go till my due date. Since the c-section is scheduled for 12 days after my EDD (April 19th), my maximum number of days still pregnant is 47.

35 weeks is a big deal because it's the "if-you-go-into-labor-we-will-do-nothing-to-stop-it date" at least the one that most doctors/midwives go by, mine included. So magically my pregnancy has morphed from a waiting pregnancy to an it could happen anytime pregnancy. Do it think it will happen anytime soon? Nope. I'm definitely thinking April, not March. And if I got to choose, I would prefer April over March... not for any real concrete reason... just cause April seems, better.

So thanks again, baby, for turning head-down so I can now focus on things like red raspberry leaf tea, spicy food, primrose oil, stair climbing and other such nonsense to get things going. Do I think these things are nonsense? No, but I consider the internet not-appropriate things nonsense... so if I refer to nonsense, I'm trying one of those cockamamie methods ::cough::.


melaniet42 said...

I tried the stair climbing, walking, and primrose oil with Jillian...all with no luck. Hopefully all will go smoothly for you!!!

Kate said...
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