Friday, March 19, 2010

More Catch-up

Wednesday I had my normal (now weekly, ugh!) midwife appointment. Since it was in the evening and after the appointment I was going to be a model (haha!) for my acupuncturist/cranial sacral therapist's demo for the nurses and midwives, and it was St. Patrick's Day we decided to go down together, go to the appointment, then we ran to Bill Batemans for dinner (yum!) and then I went back to model while Matt took Jack to the Annapolis harbor. While I was sad to miss the first harbor experience my model/appointment felt SOOO GOOD that it was okay.

So here are the husband-photos... I will attempt to channel my husband when writing the captions: Retirement Plan.

Captain Daddy?

He makes this look good...

Something nerdy about Maryland history, photography or architecture.

Now back to me again. This Thursday and Friday my mom came up (since she's done being a nomad in Florida) to help me nest. Thank goodness for that because the bending over to pick things up and the creativity part of my brain have been severely hindered.
We hunted for last-minute items. We plotted and developed a easy-meals plan. We cleaned... like really cleaned... like dusting and everything! And we hung out!

Here are some of the fruits of our labor. Calzones, assembled, made-to-order and labeled. Two nights of bean stroganoff (just the sauce, noodles to be cooked when needed). We also have laid out fish + veggies + starch, a crock pot meal, and my mom is planning to make eggplant parm and ziti to bring 'when the time comes'.
So much crossed off my list in so little time.

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