Friday, March 12, 2010

We have a name...

...and it's Prodromal Labor. I'm one of these lucky women who gets to be in labor for days or weeks before actually going into active labor and giving birth. It's not false labor, it's not early labor... it's evil, evil, evil labor. And just so we're clear, it's evil.

Why are they evil:
  • They are more intense that a Braxton Hicks.
  • They can be 5 min apart lasting for 30/45 seconds.
  • Changing position, taking a shower, drinking water, etc can have no effect on them.
  • They do cause cervical change (up to the first 4cm) and they cause effacement.
  • They are discouraging, because "This is it!" can happen MULTIPLE times.
  • They can tire you out. (Duh!)

So when I say I've been in labor for about a week now, I'm actually not kidding. It's just not the "grab the hospital bag, call everyone we know, push the baby out kind." Fun.

Does it happen every day? No. But I'd guess it's about 3x a week. SO annoying!

But since we are getting close-ish: please place your bets for birthdate and baby size here. For those that need a reminder the c/s is scheduled for April 19th. So that's the LAST possible day to guess...


Kate said...

In addition to the > 24 hrs of prodromal labor that landed me in the hospital at 34 weeks I had two straight days of it that led directly into real labor. You're absolutely right; it is evil.

The Crivella Family said...

Do you have any progress yet?

Emily said...

Yes: effacing (no % given), 1cm, and -1 as of Wed.

Emily said...

p.s. when I went in for my induction with Jack (41 weeks 3 days) I was "almost" a fingertip, 70$ effaced and at -2.

Brenna said...

hope the child waits until the most ideal moment to kick you into 'real' labor.

i guess...April 4th and 9lbs 2oz.