Monday, March 15, 2010

On a Serious Note

Spring is coming, people. I must be ready.

I love me a good "cold dessert". Ice cream, gelato, italian ice, fresh fruit salad... drool....

So, please tell me about your all-time favorite cold dessert. Anything, no matter how crazy.

Jack is also ready for spring. He has started insisting on spending his mornings at home shirtless. While I fully support his right to partial nudity, it seems a little cold to wander around without an article of clothing- but he doesn't mind. Watch out ladies!

(This photo was taken about an hour before the cashew incident. Where in he put it in his nose during lunch; we didn't know what all the pointing and saying "in there" was about. He coughed during dinner and out came a cashew which, in hindsight, we realized why there was all the 'nose talk' during lunch. Kids.)


melaniet42 said...

1. I can't wait to "spring clean" this year. Pregnant nesting + spring cleaning = getting rid of LOTS OF STUFF.
2. I don't have a favorite cold dessert, but apparently right now I'm addicted to Slurpees. Are they a dessert?
3. Jillian is ready for spring too. She has a problem with not wanting to wear anything but her new spring nighties (everywhere) and when I try to get her to pick something different, she points to the bathing suits. Nice.
Love the cashew story.

Husband said...

On related note I feel compelled to point out that we looked up his nose and couldn't see a thing. I think he was hiding it in a sinus.

Cold dessert. Hmmm, B&J Fish Food Ice Cream.

Emily said...

I just discovered Edys Mint Cookies and Cream... but it's a toss up between that and Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix...

Husband said...

You know what Daddy likes :D