Friday, March 19, 2010

Full Moon

March 30th. I'm just saying.

I started a TV series on DVD... will I get to finish it?

I started a book, what about that?

When's the next big rain storm... low pressure... you know.

Have you heard the one about eggplant parm? I mean it's yummy, but people swear it brings on labor... what's that about?

Spicy food? I have a coupon to Bombay Peacock... who wants to go out with me (seriously) Indian food = GOOD!

Matt claims there is something to Oregano... seriously?!?!


melaniet42 said...

Good luck! I can't help ya with any of it. I swear I tried EVERYTHING with Jillian and still had to freakin' be induced!

Emily said...

Yeah, I don't know that I'm going to try anything... I just think some things are funny or odd... (I mean I'd eat eggplant parm anyway, so that's not really a hardship!)

Brenna said...

hmmmm....are you desperate yet!?!?

Emily said...

no, i just keep hearing really funny advice!