Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Test Drive

Since the weather, despite being a bit brisk, is so pretty today we ventured out to test drive the Phil & Teds. Yes, I've been using this stroller for 18ish months now, but I didn't know if I knew how to use the 'jump' seat. And I wasn't sure Jack was going to like it.

Turns out there was no reason to worry. He loves it, and it's easy to pop on and pop off! It puts him higher in this configuration which means he's closer to the sun shade, which he LOVES because he likes to be in his 'tunnel'.

With nothing in the fully reclined bed-like seat the lower part blew around in the wind a little bit. You know what that means? Come out and take a stroll with us, First Mate! No more free-loadin'!
Also, I thought it would be harder to walk with a full stride with the full recline going, but I had no problems! I'm 5'6" though, so I can't vouch for any heights or leg-lengths other than my own!


emk said...

Ooohh-- our grape hyacinths (isn't that what that is?) haven't bloomed yet! So pretty!

Glad the P&T is all ready to go! B wore those same pajamas last night, too! :-) What would we do without Carter's Closet?!

Lindsey said...

Have you tried it out in the another position yet? I always wonder if the kiddos will like being underneath and low to the ground.

Emily said...

Jack is 2 lbs from exceeding the weight limit in that configuration :-(

Brenna said...

do you load the baby in first and then snap the seat in on top? i'm having a hard time picturing how it sounds great. the double wide strollers are so hard to maneuver!

Emily said...

I'm thinking I can back-load the baby, unless I REALLY want to 5-point strap him in. So for a real long walk I'd probably strap the babe first then set the seat and load Jack.

I agree double wide and double long are just not ideal for daily use.

We're going to get a second chicco unbrella (and they make straps that you can attach 2 umbrellas together (like at the zoo or something where both kids might want to be able to sit and see at the same time).