Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Major Slackage

In the blog department. I swear I'll post some fun things tomorrow. I think I have a few gems to download from the camera. In the meantime please enjoy this little tale:

Jack now likes to say to my belly "Baby Brother, come out and play." I'm trying desperately to get this on video. Hopefully, I will succeed before there is no one in my belly to talk to.


Kate said...

Hope he's not too disappointed when the baby comes and isn't a great playmate from the get go. Field's little brother was quite upset when their sister was born and she was so boring at first. Apparently he was expecting a little kid, not a baby :)

Gail said...

Too cute! Who taught him to say that? You better get that video soon!! (I'm free for the next week!) Gigi

Emily said...

I taught him to say that. :-)